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  • Chris Rogers
  • Partner

Christopher T. Rogers, J.D. is a Partner at Lumia Capital where he is responsible for leading Lumia’s investment and value-add activities for companies with significant exposure to mobile platforms. Prior to Lumia, Chris was the co-founder of Nextel Communications which he grew to $13B in sales and 19k employees before being acquired by Sprint for $35 billion. Chris brings 30 years of mobile industry experience as a founder, advisor, and...

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The Lumia Global
Success Council

Lumia's Global Success Council, A core element of our Lumia Global Success platform, brings together some of the foremost internationalization trailblazers, wireless decision makers, and influential local leaders --- Powerful, personal and real time knowledge and expertise across our global scope, critical to helping our companies achieve ideal outcomes.

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LGS Competencies

Market Selection and Entry Structure

In selecting markets, be thoughtful about local market requirements and how it fits your ethos and brand (e.g., China and firewalls)

  • Jamie Perlman
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Head of Global Business Development & International Expansion at Box, responsible for generating more 20% of Box's new ARR

Should we organically build or use M&A to buy our way in?

What criteria would we use to select the ideal market for us?

How do we get local market diligence and scouting insights?

LGS Competencies

International Sales and Growth

Marketing can change up to 80% for each new country – while product stays the same, each culture and values differ.

  • Patrick Morselli
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Led Uber’s launches in Europe and LatAm. Scaled 10x in 2 years as Head of Global Expansion at WeWork

Is our current sales and marketing approach work portable? How to validate?

Would a local channel partner allow us to enter faster and cheaper?

How should local mobile/telcos play a role in getting rapid distribution?

LGS Competencies

Recruiting & Performance Management

It may be ideal to bring leaders from HQ to set up real expansion end ensure cultural fit. Establish the level of decision making power that the office/local leader has, level of autonomy, etc. Remember many things differ (e.g., labor laws, way you set up entities, etc.). Getting any of these wrong can be morale killers.

  • Allen Shim
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • CFO at Slack

What corporate structure should we use? Centralized? Local GMs? Other?

How do we goal the team appropriately? Are we tooled to track that goal?

Where do we find the right leaders? The local sales and marketing teams?

LGS Competencies

Local Regulations and Public Policy

We keep an eye out to potential regulatory concerns. It depends on the startup. For instance, FinTech often has more considerations.

  • Paul Holmstrom
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Head of Group Strategy at Tele2, one of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators

Who do we need to know in government? How do we get access?

What public relations are key to winning in the local culture?

Which legal structures are important? Where do we get advice without breaking the bank?

LGS Competencies

Corporate Operations and Excellence

When you scale globally, major operational shifts need to occur to ensure satellites stay in touch with the company and feel a core part of the team. Heavy Slack use, all meetings via video conference, etc.

  • Pascal De Mul
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Built Spotify’s hardware partnership program and led its international business development team

What financial structures and tooling needs to be in place?

Which entity structure is ideal? Who can help us make trade-offs right for us?

Do we invest in local HR and offices? What are our options?

LGS Competencies

Local Financial Infrastructure

Mistakes made? Not having local legal, salary, medical insurance, holiday insights, etc. Get this infrastructure in place!

  • Pascal De Mul
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Built Spotify’s hardware partnership program and led its international business development team

What taxes will we pay? How do we optimize our structure?

Are there differences in payments and payment processing we need to know?

How do we deal with local payroll? Do we need new systems?

LGS Competencies

Income Repatriation

What's the secret to helping manage global complexity on the businesses financials? Ensure you consider up front how easy it is to get money out (repatriate income, tax considerations)

  • George Green
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • As President of Hearst Corporation expanded to titles in 55 countries in 34 languages

What are the regulations and restrictions around repatriating income?

Are there ideal structures and strategies that simplify our lives?

How do we think about allocating our resources across geos as a result?

LGS Competencies

Product Readiness

Startups should start local product design when first thinking of potentially going global, not after they enter

  • Anya Oleinikova
  • Lumia GSC Member
  • Senior Director, Talent at Hired. Formerly, led Strategy and intl. Expansion at Eventbrite. Drove search and display internationalization at Google

How can we deal with local language structure and format?

Are our use cases/features valued differently in other geos? Does it affect our messaging and development emphasis?

Do we need to tweak our branding for local preferences?

What local tech and services infrastructure investments are needed?